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8 Things To Help Make Your Next Vacation Totally Stress-Free

Our TNTON team collected all these gadgets that is necessary for your next vacation travel. Take it seriously.

1. A foldable sunglasses that wear it on your wrist. This foldable sunglasses will give you great convenience for your travel or daily use. Put it on your wrist, bike handle or backpack without worrying to lost it. 

2. A fashion bag with huge capacity and waterproof material. It’s lightweight and be a good company for your luggage. Also it could be used as a city commuter bag as you like


3. A portable washing machine that will give you a machine-quality wash whether you're home, business travel or just on the go! No more worrying about having clean clothes, because inside are Ultrasonic clean tech that'll scrub and clean your clothes in minutes and high effective.


4. A travel adapter with all-in-one voltage so your electric products will safely charge and work no matter which country you travel to. No more having to buy and multiple adapters and forgetting which one works in which country.



5. A portable stress-free cat bag because anyone who knows traveling with cats can be exasperating! This carrier is designed to keep your kitty calm and comfortable while traveling. It has built-in seat belt straps, two mesh panel sides for breath ability and visibility, and even enough room to fit a small litter box inside.


6. A instant mini camera that capture every happy moment of your family and friends. This portable camera is the best gift for those who like recording happy moment while you are traveling and get the photos immediately.


7. A wireless earphones that let you enjoy HIFI music at anywhere you like. With 3D stereo sound and Bluetooth connection, this earphone is compatible with all your mobile devices, phones, ebooks, iPod, stay cool, stay stylish.


8. A HUAWEI phone&camera stabilizer that’ll help you take good quality of pictures. No distance limit, do not hold your phone or camera in hands and get wider view.

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